Maria’s New Song

I am not very widely known as a songwriter. In fact, this may be the second or third song I’ve ever written in my life.

However, while coming back from the opening night of Quentin Tarantino’s Once Upon a Time…In Hollywood, Alex Jang and I decided to write a song on a random theme, in order to push the boundaries of our compositional experiences.

The theme ended up being about the flat Earth theory. We came up with a couple of verses on our way home and I finished composing the song after we arrived.

P.S.: just to make it clear, the detuning moments of the song are purposeful (understanders will understand it! )

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5th Oak Bay New Music Festival

It was an honour and a pleasure to be part of the 5th edition of the Oak Bay New Music Festival this year!

We celebrated this milestone by performing under performed (or world premieres) pieces written by established composers from several places in the world and throughout 20th century music history! We also welcomed the Dutch accordionist and friend Erica Roozendaal who performed folk Dutch music, Klezmer Music, as well as pieces by local composers, such as yours truly (recordings soon to come)!

The Victoria Composers Collective is really grateful for our community’s support, for everyone who came to our festival from different places in British Columbia, to our partners and sponsors (Oak Bay Music SocietyCanadian Music Centre in B.C., University of Victoria, School of Music, and Thrifty Foods), and to the local news, Oak Bay News, Victoria News & Monday Magazine!

Dutch accordionist headlines 2019 Oak Bay New Music Festival

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Vida II: Rondeau

On November 18th, I embarked on a microtonal voyage. It was an honour and absolute pleasure to share it with soprano and new music advocate, Cathy Fern Lewis, to whom I am incredibly thankful for her participating in this new piece of mine.

Vida II: Rondeau, is inspired by life itself, in which the micro changes of our daily lives are barely perceived by us, but at the end of the journey, it is possible to notice that you are not the same person you were when you began.

There is also a Rondeau form in the piece, hence, the name.

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International Compilation – Urban Arts Berlin

I am pleased to announce that the Sanctus movement of my Electroacoustic Mass has been recorded in a new album (track 22), produced by the Urban Arts Berlin collective. The same piece will also be streamed on a series of radio shows at Resonance Extra, in London.

Thank you very much, Urban Arts Berlin, for giving opportunity for female identified artists to show their work and resonate their artistic voices for diverse audiences around the world!


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The Fall – Victoria B.C.

I am truly happy to participate in “The Fall”, concert of new music for voice, featuring new poetry and new compositions by artists from the West Coast of Canada.

East Vancouver Opera came to Victoria B.C., to pair up with composers from the Victoria Composers Collective, in order to find artistic voices to collaborate with here, and in the lower mainland.

If you would still like to attend this concert, it will happen today, at the Baumann Centre (925 Balmoral Rd, Victoria, British Columbia V8T 1A7).

Or, if you would like to know more about this coming production, please, check out the two interviews that I gave to the francophone radio station 107,9 CILS FM Victoria:

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Music Renaissance on the West: Victoria, A Place to Listen.

Canadian magazine Music Works featured, in its most recent edition, an article written by Nick Storring (Toronto) about the New Music scene being developed on the West Coast of Canada.

The article features the work of the concert series A Place to Listen, concert promotions of the group of composers/performers Victoria Composers Collective, as well as about artistic/aesthetic visions of local composers who have their signature on the artistic production the town has experienced over the past few years. Some of these composers include Alex Jang, Kristy Farkas, Chris Reiche, and myself!

If you would like to have a fine, fun, and informative read about Canadian West Coast’s musical scene, I invite you to access the link:

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The Electroacoustic Mass: Liturgic Tradition and Electroacoustic Music

The Rádio Arte! (radio art) produced by EBC (Brazil’s communication company) in collaboration with UFMG Educativa (educational radio from federal university of Minas Gerais) presented, on January 23rd, movements of my Electroacoustic Mass, composed in 2011.

The two movements selected from the whole work were the Electroacoustic Kyrie and the Electroacoustic Credo, which were streamed to the state of Minas Gerais, in Brazil.

If you would like to listen to these movements, the access link for the program is:


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