Hildegard von Bingen – Ave Generosa

For the first time in the Omni Temporum Duo channel, I am proud to present a full recording of Ave Generosa, a hymn to Virgin Mary written by the composer, writer, philosopher, Christian mystic and saint Hildegard von Bingen!

By navigating through the unexpected leaps in the melismatic chant, I can understand why St. Hildegard’s music has resisted the tests of time!

I hope you enjoy it!


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Händel – Sarabande in D minor

How did we spend our Halloween? Playing Händel at home! 😊

Arrangement of Sarabande in D minor for classical guitar and electronics:

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Omni Temporum Duo – Luis de Milán: Durandarte, Durandarte

A love song from the 16th century Spain; a dialogue between two lovers reenacted in the beautiful beaches of British Columbia (and, of course, at home 😉 )!


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It has always been a great honour for me to work with the Brazilian/Canadian pianist Luciane Cardassi.

Our collaboration started in 2017, when I wrote my piece for piano, spoken voice, and electronics (to be performed entirely by Luciane): Douce Dame Jolie.

Since that year, our collaboration has grown and not only I wrote other pieces for Luciane, but she was also kind enough to include my first work dedicated to her into an album of Canadian/Brazilian music called Ramos.

As one of Luciane’s various intercultural projects, Ramos builds a bridge between different countries, periods and cultures by featuring composers from diverse nationalities in this new album.

We are all very grateful for and proud of this beautiful collaboration between performers and composers; between two different countries!

Here is a link for the full album, released by Redshift Records in 2019: https://redshiftmusicsociety.bandcamp.com/album/ramos

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Omni Temporum Duo – Palästinalied: Walther von der Vogelweide

Palästinalied is a medieval song composed during the crusades (1200’s), and arranged by the Omni Temporum Duo to sound as if it could have been composed today!

The video was filmed in different cities of British Columbia (Victoria, Kamloops, and in between). If you like how it looks/sounds, please subscribe to our channel! 🙂

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Omni Temporum Duo – Folies d’Espagne

A chord progression which has been set to music by a number of composers during the Renaissance and Baroque eras, is now brought to life in our own contemporary way.

Here’s Omni Temporum Duo’s arrangement of Folies d’Espagne:

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Omni Temporum Duo – Can she Excuse my Wrongs

If electric guitars existed in the 16th century, what would music possibly sound like?… This is our current guess!

A song about a complicated relationship; I am sure many of us might have experienced something similar!

Voice/arrangement: Maria Eduarda Mendes Martins
Classical guitar/co-arrangement: Alex Jang
Electric Guitar: Nolan Krell

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Omni Temporum Duo – Flow, my Tears

Omni Temporum Duo‘s new Early-New Music video is on!

A rendition of Flow my Tears (written in 1600) by British composer John Dowland.

Both Dowland’s poetry and melodies seem to be constantly relevant and timeless. We hope you will enjoy words from the late 16th century which could have been said today!

Voice/electronics: Maria Eduarda Mendes Martins

Classical guitar: Alex Jang


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Omni Temporum Duo – Sederunt Principes (Part I)

Home-made video, June 2020,

A four-voice chant setting (organum quadruplum) composed by Perotinus Magnus, around 1200 A.D., for the Feast of St. Stephen.

High voice (quadruplum)/Electronics: Maria Eduarda Mendes Martins
Middle voice (triplum): Alex Jang & Maria Eduarda Mendes Martins
Low voice (duplum): Alex Jang


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Omni Temporum Duo

Over the years, Alex Jang and I have had lengthy conversations about forming a duo to play Early Music with electronics.

When the pandemic hit and we had to quarantine like everybody else in the world, we looked at each other one day and said: “Okay! It’s going to be now!” We gathered some videos of us playing this repertoire in a Victoria Composers Collective concert and created a YouTube channel, called Omni Temporum Duo.

I would like to share this brand new project of ours with you! Please, feel free to comment, subscribe, or interact with our channel as you wish. New videos videos will be coming very soon!


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