Music Renaissance on the West: Victoria, A Place to Listen.

Canadian magazine Music Works featured, in its most recent edition, an article written by Nick Storring (Toronto) about the New Music scene being developed on the West Coast of Canada.

The article features the work of the concert series A Place to Listen, concert promotions of the group of composers/performers Victoria Composers Collective, as well as about artistic/aesthetic visions of local composers who have their signature on the artistic production the town has experienced over the past few years. Some of these composers include Alex Jang, Kristy Farkas, Chris Reiche, and myself!

If you would like to have a fine, fun, and informative read about Canadian West Coast’s musical scene, I invite you to access the link:

About memmmusic

I am a music student who enjoys writing and making sense out of the things I experience in relation to music, to external situations in my life, or (as it normally is) to both of them at the same time. New Music is a field of contemporary composition that provokes many thoughts and questions, and as an apprentice in the field, I felt like it would be a good idea to share my thoughts and learnings about it.
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